Daily Video: Juniper Product Blitz Boosts Network Performance

Hey there, here are your top news stories from eWEEK, sponsored by Dell and Intel. Today's topics include new networking products from Juniper Networks, news about Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, information on Google's Cloud Storage Nearline and an update on Apple's Force Touch technology.

Juniper Networks introduced several new networking products during a March 11 “Innovation Showcase” at company headquarters, where Juniper executives were joined on stage by Internet carriers and other key customers.

Juniper detailed advances in switches and updates to its PTX Series routers and software-defined networking that it says will dramatically boost throughput, reduce latency and improve session scalability. All of the new products are in various stages of rollout and customer testing.

Samsung's recently announced Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones are attracting so much consumer interest and so many preorders that the company is already boosting its production targets for the new devices starting in April.

Instead of producing 7 million Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices in April, Samsung has placed orders for an extra 1 million units, boosting its order to 8 million smartphones for the month, according to a March 11 report by Korea's Electronic Times newspaper.

Unlike traditional offline storage services that businesses typically use for long-term data storage, Google’s new Cloud Storage Nearline allows companies to access and retrieve backed up data almost as quickly as they are able to store it.

This makes the service as durable and available as standard storage, but at a lower cost, according to Google. The company has positioned Nearline as ideal for storing infrequently accessed data, such as archive data stored for legal and regulatory needs, and for backing up data for disaster recovery purposes.

Apple's recently unveiled Force Touch technology will also be included in the next version of Apple's hugely popular iPhones later this year.

The inclusion of Force Touch, which automatically reacts whether a user presses lightly or with more force on the device's input system, was reported in a March 11 story in The Wall Street Journal. Apple will add the Force Touch sensors that control the feature to the next generation of iPhones, the report stated.

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