Dell Dual-Chip Server Revs Response Times

PowerEdge 2650 features Xeons, hyperthreading.

Major computer makers are continuing their push to pack more performance into smaller servers, with Dell Computer Corp. last week announcing its first rack-mounted server to feature dual Intel Xeon processors with hyperthreading.

The hyperthreading technology featured in the new Xeon from Intel Corp., code-named Prestonia, enables operating systems to view one processor as if it were two logical chips, boosting performance by up to 30 percent and resulting in faster server response times.

While Dell, based in Round Rock, Texas, is the first major manufacturer to offer a two-Xeon, rack-mounted system, Hewlett-Packard Co. and IBM have announced plans to offer similar products in the near future. In addition, several smaller computer makers that led the push to market rack-mounted servers have also released dual-Prestonia systems, including Gigabyte Networking, of Placentia, Calif., and San Diego-based RackSaver Inc.

Dells new PowerEdge 2650 is a 2U-chassis (3.5-inch-thick) system targeted for use as an e-mail or file/print server or as part of a storage or database cluster.

The system can be packed with up to 6GB of memory and five hot-plug SCSI hard drives