Demo 2004

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Demo 2004

This was one of the more intriguing devices at the show. The MiniPC will ship later this year, for around $1,200. With a 40 gigabyte hard drive, 16:9 screen (1024x600), and a Transmeta Crusoe processor, its all the computer youll ever need. Except if

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Demo 2004 - Paul Allen at Demo holding the Vulcan

Heres Vulcan founder, and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen holding his Vulcan PC. I worked for mega-billionaire Paul at a previous company, TechTV -- where we essentially programmed the entire channel for an audience of one. Ill bet the same things h

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Demo 2004 - Total Immersion

This was probably the coolest demo at the show. Total Immersion puts 3D objects into real-time video streams, and then moves them around. The building on the screen comes from the computer, but its sitting on the desk in front of the guy all the way to

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Demo 2004 - Voltage and Ann Winblad

These three youngsters from Stamford are barely 21, but they founded one of the coolest security companies going -- Voltage. Using arcane math, they allow any text -- email address, IM handle, etc -- to be used as a public key for public/private key encr

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Demo 2004 - xKey Device

This ones actually got legs. This USB-key device, called the xKey, actually replicates your complete Windows desktop and office applications securely on any PC. Itll store a user-defined set of the most recently worked on messages and documents, and m

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Demo 2004 - John Patrick

John Patrick used to shill for IBMs desktop projects, including the Thinkpad and OS/2. He became one of IBMs first internet evangelists, and now spreads gospel according to open source and blogging, and sits on the board of browser-maker Opera. Patric

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Demo 2004 - Six Degrees Founders

Arent these two cute? Husband and wife Mena and Ben Trott founded Six Degrees, makers of the industry leading blogging software Movable Type. Smart, nice and very personable, they represented the best of the emerging social internet industry. It was g

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Demo 2004 - Joel Allen and Wife

One is an anomaly, two is a trend. Looks like high tech is going MomnPop. Another family business, AllenPort, these dedicated open sourcers showed off their upcoming take on the network computer, with local and remote synchronization, Ximians Evoluti

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Demo 2004 - Mockup of AllenPort

Heres what the open source based AllenPort computer will look like when it ships next year. Interesting, but I still think the companys tilting at windmills.

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Demo 2004 - Molina Interface

Another interesting video box, I might actually buy this one, except for one thing. The Molina Media Mogul will come with either 300 gigabytes or a terabyte of storage, and instead of ripping it creates full CD or DVD images on the hard drive. That mean

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Demo 2004 - Symbol

Although somewhat overpriced, Symbol released a neat wireless solution for remote office and small businesses. Combining a firewall, power injector, Ethernet switch, local storage and remote management, the WS2000 connects up to five access points. The

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Demo 2004 - Don and Cathy sing

After the demo area closed, the fun began! PR firm Porter Novelli sponsored the annual Jam Fest - where showgoers got to strut their musical stuff. Here Porter Novelli VP Cathy Brooks belts out the tunes with ubiquitous guitarist Don Clark - better know

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Demo 2004 - Standing Room at the bar

It was standing room only at the Jam session, as CEOs and PR babes caterwauled the night away.

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Demo 2004 - Don Clark and Voltage CEO

Voltage CEO and adult supervisor Sathvik Krishnamurthy plays the Eagles with Don Clark.

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Demo 2004 - Michelle Goguen steals the show

As usual, independent PR counsel Michelle Goguen stole the jam session with her beautiful voice. Goguen handles PR for eBay founder Pierre Omideu.

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Demo 2004 - Michelle, Chris and mystery woman sing

The Jam session ended with Demo host Chris Shipley, left, Michelle Goguen and a mystery woman belting out the tunes - around midnight.

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Demo 2004 - Cactus

Yes, it was in the desert. Cacti were liberally potted around the Westin Kierland Resort. But this is about as close as most of us got to the flora and fauna.

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