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Demo screenshots

iUPLOAD: iUpload will launch iUpload Perspectives, a business blogging application that allows a user to create content in their blog and reach multiple communities and Web sites such as eBay at DEMO on Tuesday. Administrative tools allow organizations to

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Demo screenshots - Teleo

VoIP provider Teleo released a personal, portable VoIP system on Monday that allows customers to use their cell phone, regular phone or PC to receive calls. The $4.95 a month SIP-compliant solution works with enterprise VoIP systems and other VoIP network

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Demo screenshots - Digipede

Digipede will launch a distributed computing solution on Tuesday that allows enterprises to improve application performance by making applications run faster. The Digipede Network will be the first commercially distributed computing solution based entirel

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Demo screenshots - introNetworks

introNetworks announced a social networking software that enables organizations to bring communities of users together based on traits such as interests, identity, and experience. Used by DEMO attendees this year, introNetworks includes a back-end databas

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