Device Keeps Large Files Moving

Accellion is preparing to update its file transfer appliance, which is designed to help administrators and users more efficiently move large files around a network.

Accellion Inc. next week will release the latest version of its file transfer appliance, which is designed to help administrators and users more efficiently move large files without causing network congestion.

The Accellion Courier File Transfer appliance allows users to send large files without choking mail servers and more easily than with FTP, according to Accellion spokesperson Y.F. Juan in Palo Alto, Calif.

Version 4.0 doesnt require agent installation on clients, unlike previous versions. Users can now just upload files to the appliance through a Web-based interface. Recipients receive a hyperlink to the file in an e-mail, and the file downloaded from appliance to recipient is encrypted and compressed.

Senders can also set a time limit on how long the file will be available for download, require external recipients to be authenticated and receive notifications when files are downloaded.

Cost and security were two factors that led Atlanta-based marketing company Critt Graham and Associates to adopt Accellions appliance, said Jon Wyche, systems administrator for the company.

"With e-mail and FTP, theyre not secure technologies; those things can be sniffed out over the Internet. Since we work with a lot of financial companies, that was a problem," Wyche said. "Also, a lot of e-mail systems have attachment limits, so you cant send anything over 5MB. And not everyone knows how to use FTP, so they end up relying on e-mail and CDs because theyre easy."

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Critt Graham had tried out a hosted file transfer appliance, but the company found it could save money and improve performance by moving the appliance in-house.

During its busiest seasons, Critt Graham sends out about 2GB of data daily. The company is now using one Accellion appliance for its 25 users.

"Its reducing the burden on our e-mail systems quite a bit," Wyche said. "Not only that, but it connects to Windows 2000 Server, and it checks the user name and password in Active Directory, so when we rotate passwords there is no extra administration required with Accellion."

Version 4.0 of the Courier File Transfer appliance also includes file auditing and tracking for businesses that need to comply with regulations required by laws such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

The upgrade comes in a standard version for single-site and medium- to high-volume users and in an enterprise version for multisite and high-volume users. The enterprise version includes features such as clustering for multisite load balancing, intelligent replication and failover.

Courier File Transfer Version 4.0 is available now. Pricing per box ranges from $6,500 to $40,000.

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