Dyn Launches New Managed Services Network in China

The new DNS network, which uses the .cn domain, is designed to improve Website speed and reliability for multinational clients.

As the world becomes ever more interconnected by the Internet and various private networks, an increasing number of global companies are covering more geographic ground and doing business in far-off lands.

Many large multinationals have already been there, done that for a long while, and certainly will continue to do it. But thanks to new-generation networks built in only the last few years, speedier, more reliable and secure transmissioning is enabling more companies to act like bigger ones and obtain incremental profits.

With this as background, Dyn, a Manchester, N.H.-based Internet service provider, has launched a new managed DNS (domain name system) network in China, one that aims to take the hassle away from companies that want to connect faster and more reliably with the largest population of online users in the world.

The China Network is available to global companies that have a presence in China or a specific .cn domain. Dyn's service handles the entire connectivity process from start to finish.

In 2013, China's online population reached a whopping 618 million users—about 20 percent of all online users—according to the Chinese Internet Network Information Center. Those Internet users also spend money online. In fact, Chinese consumers shop online an average of 8.4 times each month, compared with only 5.2 times per month for U.S. users. Yet 72 percent of multinational companies reported that slow or unstable Internet access has impeded their ability to effectively do business in China.

"China and India have two of the largest and fastest growing economies in the world," Dyn Executive Vice President for Products Scott Hilton told eWEEK. "But without reliable and high-performance DNS to power their online presence, global brands are at risk of missing out on millions of potential customers. This is a totally untapped market for many U.S. companies, and that is quickly changing."

Dyn understands both the Chinese political and IT landscape, Hilton said. The company's new DNS network, which spans multiple geographic locations and offers layers of redundancy, enables the majority of requests from within China to stay inside the country, resulting in the efficiency of control Chinese regulators require.

The China Network, which has been available previously for a few select clients but is now open for general use, is a turnkey operation, Hilton said. "Companies that want to cast a bigger net need a trusted presence in China to deliver their messages and goods," Hilton said.

"Global companies seeking to extend their brands and businesses into the fast-growing China marketplace must meet high expectations for a fast and reliable user experience in the cloud," said IDC's Rick Villars, vice president of Data Center and Cloud Analysis. "Dyn's new China network offers managed DNS services that will play key role in significantly lowering the barrier to entry for multinational companies that want to build a Chinese presence."

To operate the new China Network, Dyn has partnered with C3Edge, a China-based IT solutions provider that offers tailored managed-service solutions.

Alexa, a Website that ranks the top Websites visited worldwide, has rated Dyn highly as a provider of managed DNS services among the Top 1000 and the Top 10,000 visited Websites.

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