eFiles: March 26, 2001

Fear and Loathing in IT Department

Fear and Loathing in IT Department

Disenchanted, distrustful, disloyal and disengaged—not exactly the words youd like to hear when somebodys describing how your IT crew feels about your enterprise, are they? Unfortunately, those words are woefully accurate in describing the attitudes of many of todays technology pros, according to a recent report from Techies.com Inc., an online exchange for technology professionals.

The survey found that almost two-thirds are increasingly wary of their employers and their professions. A major seed of that discontent has been sown by layoffs: 28 percent of respondents report that no matter what a company says, they regard all jobs as temporary.

Of respondents who had lost jobs recently, 43 percent said that after having attained new, professionally equivalent positions, their compensation was the same or lower than at their previous jobs.

Women Contractors Net More in IT Fees

Female IT contractors are taking home 8 percent more in fees than their male counterparts for comparable work, according to a recent salary survey conducted by job site ComputerJobs.com and Contract Professional, a national magazine for IT contractors.

Mothers of girl tech whizzes should hesitate before popping the champagne, however: According to the report, the difference in contractor rates is more than offset by the fact that salaried male IT workers make 12 percent more than salaried females.