Embarcadero RAD Studio XE

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Embarcadero RAD Studio XE

Embarcadero Technologies RAD Studio XE is designed to be a comprehensive application-development suite that allows the user to visually build GUI-intensive, data-driven applications for Windows, .NET, PHP and the Web. RAD Studio includes Delphi, C++Builder, Delphi Prism,and RadPHP, enabling developers to deliver applications up to five times faster across multiple Windows, Web and database platforms. Available in Professional, Enterpriseand Architect editions, the product enables users to utilize thousands of free and commercial components for user interfaces, database, multitier and Web apps.

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Opengear ACM5000 console manager

The Opengear ACM5000 console manager is designed to deliver secure in-band and out-of-band access to remote sites from anywhere in the world. It promises IT personnel simple and cost-effective tools for managing the network, power and computer devices in small and large distributed networks. The Opengear ACM5000 has a number of new features, including the ability to access the network via cell phone.The ACM5004-G offers access using GSM cellular networks; a CDMA version will be available before the end of the year.

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Peakflow X 4.2 Virtual

Peakflow X 4.2 Virtual is a virtualized version of the appliance-based enterprise network security and monitoring product from Arbor Networks. It runs on VMwares ESX and ESXi hypervisors and is said to offer the same network visibility and security features in a more cost-efficient manner by leveraging the benefits of a virtualized environment. Peakflow X Virtual enables hosting and network service providers to quickly and cost-effectively deliver new scalable, cloud-based managed security services to their enterprise customers. The product is said to provide the pervasive and intelligent network visibility thats needed to monitor external security threats, internal network usage and more than 100 applications that can jeopardize network performance.

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CTERA's C400/C200/CloudPlug

Combining on-premises appliances with cloud services, CTERA Networks Cloud Attached Storage provides an integrated, all-in-one solution for shared storage, data protection and collaboration-eliminating the need for separate solutions. Key features include multilayered data protection, hybrid cloud and on-premises architecture, and remotely managed solutions. It is designed for the multitier channel: Service providers and resellers can decide which business model they adopt to deliver managed services.

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Hypersoft's OmniContext

OmniContext from Hypersoft Information Systems enables the centralization of companywide data for reporting or monitoring purposes. According to Hypersoft, the business issues that it addresses include combining data on dissimilar platforms and in dissimilar formats, as well as handling centralized reporting and chargeback SLA/BSM management for IT services. The OmniContext Service Metrics Portal functionality is designed to enable the efficient, enterprisewide implementation of metrics on IT services and IT-based business processes, ensuring time-efficient analyses of business-relevant IT metrics.

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NEI's N-2710 rack-mount server

Based on Dells Power-Edge R710 platform, NEIs N-2710 2U carrier-grade rack-mount server is an NEBS Level 3 certified DC-powered server that features GE deep-packet processing technology for security gateway applications. Designed for the demanding environment of the telecommunications central office, enterprise networks and network data center, this server is said to maximize return on investment through more power-efficient signal processing and power distribution. The vendor states that the cost cutting comes without sacrificing the robust, reliable platform afforded by an NEBS solution.

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Veeam's Monitor 5.0

Veeam Softwares Monitor 5.0 is designed to show comprehensive resource consumption and workload data for hosts, clusters and data stores, with visibility all the way down to the individual VM and the applications running inside it. Monitor 5.0 is designed to enable users to quickly find out which VMware infrastructure components are the largest resource consumers; view actual cumulative I/O load on a particular data store; and drill down into Windows and Linux/Unix VMs, ESX(i) hosts and vCenter Servers to monitor resource usage for specific applications.

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Fortinet's FortiGate-3040B

The FortiGate-3040B appliance from Fortinet is said to deliver up to 40G bps of low-latency, wire-speed firewall inspection performance to meet increasingly demanding data center security requirements. It also comes standard with eight 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports and delivers up to 17G bps of virtual private network (VPN) performance. Fueling this performance, says Fortinet, is the FortiASIC network processors. The FortiGate-3040B is the entry-level model of Fortinets FortiGate-3000 series, designed for enterprises and high-end deployments.

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Komodo IDE 6 from ActiveState

ActiveState Softwares Komodo IDE 6 is a full-featured integrated development environment (IDE) that now supports HTML5 and CSS 3,two fast-growing markup languages. It also features extended multi-language support, offering debugging, syntax checking, auto-complete and code browsing for dynamic languages, including the new Python 3, Perl 5.12 and Tcl. Additional features include database explorer and expanded database support, as well as Places, a file management system that provides a customized view of a users file system (local or remote) and easy live file-management operations, such as file editing, drag/drop copying, creation of new files and folders, and search. tinyurl.com/27h6wmj

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