eWEEK Labs Takes a Look at the Lenovo ThinkServer RD120

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eWEEK Labs Takes a Look at the Lenovo ThinkServer RD120

by Matthew D. Sarrel

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Easy Access

Removing the top of the server shows how well-designed it is inside. All components can be accessed easily, although there is a lot packed into a small case. Various removable baffles ensure proper internal air flow for cooling.

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Good Diagnostics

The ThinkServer RD120 offers comprehensive diagnostic indicators and useful video and USB front-side ports.

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Status Data

The front face of the operator information panel includes LEDs for basic status information. The exclamation point indicates an error. Sliding the blue button to the left pops out the entire panel.

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Error Detection

The ejected light path diagnostics panel can indicate up to 16 different errors at a glance. A branch office user could report this error status to corporate tech support and hopefully save a trip out to that location.

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Light Path

These stickers provide more detail regarding the operation and interpretation of the light path diagnostics and operator information panel.

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