eWeek Newsbreak Nov 10 2009

A new company is looking to give enterprises a clearer view into their IT infrastructure and applications to enable them to create more energy-efficient environments and drive down power and cooling costs. IBM is working to deliver technology that could lead to zero-emission data centers. The news was discussed at USENIX Large Installation System Administration conference, where Bruno Michel, manager of Advanced Thermal Packaging at IBM's Zurich Research Laboratory, said his team is working on new ways to reduce emissions and waste in data centers, including methods such as chip stacking and liquid cooling. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told an audience in Tokyo that the Microsoft-Yahoo agreement over search-and-advertising could expand beyond the U.S. into worldwide markets. Dell recently introduced its newest laptop, the Adamo XPS. This is the second to be released in its design-minded Adamo family. And its evident--The Adamo XPS further pushes the ideas of thinness, modern design and innovation that were introduced by its predecessor.