For Everyday Use by Everyday Users

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For Everyday Use by Everyday Users

The entry-level D40 supports one or two lines, and is designed for the broadest range of use cases, where employees are occasionally on the phone.

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Simple and Inexpensive

At $129 MSRP, the D40 is affordable and useful for a broad range of applications; it offers four feature keys, for holding a call, messages, redial and transfer functions.

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At-a-Glance Speed Dial for the Middle of the Market

The midrange D50 supports up to four lines and includes a panel with 10 rapid-dial/busy lamp field keys; the D50 is designed for workers who are on the phone for much of their day.

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A Serious Phone for Serious Work

At $179, the D50 combines flexibility with affordability, without presenting the user with more features than desired; it adds feature keys for conferencing and information to the basic set.

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Digiums D70 Pulls Out the Stops

The top-of-the-line D70 supports up to six lines, but adds an LCD screen to the rapid-dial/busy lamp keys; this allows users to page through their most important contacts, up to 100.

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A Power Phone for Powerful People

The $279 price tag on the D70 means that most organizations will be buying these for executives and senior managers, or extremely specialized roles in the organization.

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