Geekspeak: December 3, 2001

Snap Server 2200 offers near-instant file storage.

Sites that seek a quick, easy way to add file storage to their networks should look at Quantums latest Snap Server 2200 NAS appliance, which offers up to 160GB of storage with RAID support.

Built by Quantums subsidiary, Snap Appliances, the 2200 is priced at $1,499, or approximately $10 per gigabyte—not a bad investment for small offices.

The 2200, which shipped in October, has two drives that can be configured as RAID 1 or 0 or as separate volumes. The server supports disk quotas and protocols for file sharing in mixed networks with Windows, NetWare, Unix/Linux and Mac OS computers. In tests, I was able to set up the server in about 5 minutes.

The 2200 also comes with software from DataKeeper for backing up data from Windows clients to the server.