Genesys Launches New Voice-Service Platform

The company's new VoiceGenie 7.1 will provide customers with video customer service applications including video voice mail, video conferencing and video-enabled music and game applications.

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories announced Feb. 12 that it has released its newest voice-service platform, VoiceGenie 7.1, designed to help enterprises and service providers improve their customer service with a voice and video platform.

Genesys VoiceGenie 7.1, which is the newest release of the VoiceGenie product suite that Genesys acquired in 2006, features a way for business professionals to record and send copies of video conference calls while also letting customer service representatives offer customers instructional videos on how to install or simplify a product installation.

"Genesys VoiceGenie 7.1 allows enterprises and service providers to bring voice to the Web, as it is a voice processing solution that allows companies to leverage the investment they have made in the Web and Web architecture and open these as voice portals to their customers," said Rob Marchand, senior director of product management at Daly City, Calif.-based Genesys.

The new voice service platform from Genesys also offers media applications such as video voice mail, video conferencing, video-enabled music and gaming applications and video call-recording. It also includes other video applications such as telemedicine and video sharing.

Genesyss VoiceGenie 7.1 includes new features for voice over IP through the key standard SIP (session initiated protocol), which allows businesses to set up its voice self-service platform in both IP and hybrid networks through media gateways.

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The product will also support key standards that allow applications to be modified, reused and redeployed across any device including VoiceXML 2.1, CCXML (call control extensible markup language) 1.0 and MRCP 1.0.

VoiceGenie 7.1 also features enhanced management tools including call log browsing and the VoiceGenie Call Analyst tool for application tuning, while also including Genesys Voice Platform, which gives users speech-enabled voice-mail and voice-activated directory services.

"A focus on standards allows plug in capabilities and a focus on performance delivers the ability to provide an enhanced customer experience for contact center applications and enhanced services," Marchand said.

The VoiceGenie 7.1 platform is available Feb. 12, and there will be an incremental price for new video capabilities that can be added to VoiceGenie 7.1.

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