German Technical Museum

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German Technical Museum

Dedicated to transportation, manufacturing and technology, the museum boasts an impressive array of radios, phones, planes, sea-faring vessels and two whole locomotive sheds on its sprawling campus.

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Computer Game Museum

In this, Berlin's newest museum, visitors are taken on a historical journey covering the highlights of a geek history that started 60 years ago.

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Berlin Musical Instrument Museum

There are about 800 exhibits presented in a permanent exhibition, and those that are still playable are played regularly.

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U-Bahn Museum

For fans of public transportation, there is no better place to get this history of Berlin's amazing subway than this museum, with historic signal boxes, train cars and much more.

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Stasi Museum

This research and memorial center concerns the political system of the former East Germany, and is held in the former ministry for state security. This is for the geeks who like to be creeped out.Photo credit: Andreas Praefcke

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Teufelsberg (Devils Mountain)

Built with rubble collected in the city following World War II, this decrepit site boasts excellent views of Berlin and is home to the former U.S. listening station, found atop the 240-foot-high hill. Photo credit: Piotr Tysarczyk

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Tempelhof Airport and Park

Best seen on a bike (it's about the size of Central Park), the former Tempelhof airport now serves as a park—complete with runways and access roads, right in the middle of the city.

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Reischstag (German Parliament)

The dome atop the German parliament, designed by architect Norman Foster, offers visitors a free, 360-degree view of the city as they spiral up inside of it.

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TV Tower

Berlin's most visible landmark, this TV tower rises 1,207 feet above Alexanderplatz. Visibility can reach 26 miles from the observation platform mid-sphere on a clear day. Oh, there's a revolving restaurant up there, too.

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U-Bahn Tour

If a museum isn't enough for you, experience the U-Bahn system with a first-hand tour through the city's tunnels—yellow hard hat required.

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