Getting the Global View with CA

eWEEK Labs: CA Unicenter Network and Systems Management r11.1 offers impressive system management results for enterprise IT environments.

CAs Unicenter Network and Systems Management r11.1 extends centralized control over geographically distributed and diverse operating systems running in large-scale enterprise IT environments.

eWEEK Labs first tested CAs venerable systems management suite in 1997. Version r11.1 brings Unicenter NSM in line with CAs other Version 11 tools, including BrightStor and eTrust, using a common Management Database that now can reside on a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Unicenter NSM is aimed squarely at large organizations. So, to evaluate this new version, weve put together a diverse test environment (including Microsofts Windows, Sun Microsystems Solaris and Linux operating systems).

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We have been impressed with the system management results so far. The Unicenter NSM WorldView interface that shows a two-dimensional representation of monitored resources is still a good way to get a quick fix on system problems. And new message and alerting queuing make Unicenter NSM more appropriate for large-scale environments with thousands of servers generating copious amounts of management data.

Since we first tested the Unicenter platform, point solutions have become more popular, and they are now one of the standards by which Unicenter is measured.

Specialized tools can offer better insight in a timely manner, but Unicenter NSM is one of only a handful of tools that provide an overall systems management approach—one that factors in all the infrastructure needed to support business process functions.

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