Gigamon's GigaVUE-212

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Gigamon's GigaVUE-212

The GigaVUE-212 is a modular packet-aware data access switch that aggregates, replicates, filters and load-divides traffic flows across multiple passive monitoring tools. This switch is said to provide much of the same functionality as Gigamons GigaVUE-420 and GigaVUE-2404 platforms, but at a much lower cost. It will work for implementations in which fewer ports are needed, thus providing a wider customer base with access to Gigamons network-monitoring technology.

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Xerox's WorkCentre 5700 Series

The WorkCentre 5700 Series from Xerox includes seven new multifunction printers that can handle everything from general office documents through high-volume print jobs. With print speeds of up to 90 ppm, the devices can print, copy, scan and fax without interruption; scan documents in color; and move to the next job if the first job in the queue is held up due to a lack of resources. Advanced security features include full support for the IPv6 network security standard. Also offered are Image Overwrite to electronically shred data and access to data and network authentication to restrict access.

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Courion's Access Assurance Suite

Version 8.0 of Courions Access Assurance Suite combines comprehensive IAM (identity and access management) with sensitive data management, user activity monitoring, automated remediation and advanced analytics to help enterprises manage access risk in their organizations. Version 8.0 helps enterprises integrate disparate islands of sensitive information from DLP (data loss prevention), SIEM (security incident and event management) and other sources, while putting individual user activity into context in order to take appropriate action.

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Coraid's SRX3200 SAN devices

The SRX3200 series of EtherDrive storage appliances from Coraid are offered as high-performance AoE (ATA over Ethernet) SAN (storage area network) devices designed to work with 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch SAS (serial-attached SCSI), SATA (serial ATA) or SSD (solid-state drive) disks. They utilize four 10-GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) connections, enabling high-performance access for virtualization, cloud and primary-storage applications. Coupled with the use of commodity hardware, Coraids SRX series is priced at under $500 per terabyte and scales to multiple petabytes.

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WorkLight's Solution for E-Commerce

WorkLights WorkLight Solution for E-Commerce is designed to enable companies to offer convenient applications for mobile devices, desktops, social networks and personalized homepages-developed in a single effort. Companies can engage customers via lightweight iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac and Facebook applications, widgets and gadgets. With this solution, companies can build cross-platform applications that generate new revenue and can be deployed securely in a variety of channels. These applications allow customers to search item availability, place orders, track deliveries and more.

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Kronos' Workforce Mobile Scheduler

Workforce Mobile Scheduler from Kronos is an employee communication solution that lets companies manage scheduling challenges by leveraging mobile technology. Managers can send shift requests to employees on Workforce Scheduler call lists through SMS, IVR or e-mail, and employees use familiar mobile technology to accept or decline shifts. Workforce Mobile Scheduler is integrated with Kronos Workforce Scheduler, so shift requests automatically follow an organizations defined business rules. Workforce Mobile Scheduler also defines how shifts can be filled: on a first-come, first-served basis, or with the most senior employee to respond within a specified time. Both managers and employees are automatically notified of shift acceptance.

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Promise Technology's 32TB VTrak E-Class RAID subsystem

The 32TB VTrak E-Class from Promise Technology is designed to provide high-
availability storage in post-production and broadcast environments. It utilizes the same 3U form factor as previous systems, thereby preserving rack space. Additionally, up to 160TB are supported in non-A/V environments. Utilizing enterprise-class 2TB drives, the 32TB VTrak is said to be fully qualified for Mac OS X, Xsan and Final Cut Pro environments.

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NCP Secure Enterprise Client

The NCP Secure Enterprise Client is a one-click VPN software client suite, which combines seven separate endpoint security functions into a single product. Version 9.2 was designed to be nonintrusive for the user, and secure and fully functional across any Windows, Linux or Symbian operating system, in either 32- or 64-bit versions. The WLAN stay connected roaming function automatically identifies the strongest wireless access point with the same SSID (service set identifier) and negotiates a new secure VPN connection without dropping the connection. The SMS-based hot-spot authenticator automatically negotiates a one-time password via text message for any hot spot.

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LogLogic's Security Event Manager 3.4

LogLogic has rolled out the latest version of its Security Event Manager solution, which enables companies to collect logs from both SIM and log management appliances in a single place. SEM 3.4 offers unified log collection, as well as the ability to uniquely forward logs to a large number of log management appliances. SEM 3.4 is said to offer high performance through-put, high availability and log security through the use of advanced cache management, Syslog integration and customization. Also offered are flexible log-collection tools for Windows WMI, Syslog, SDEE and flat files.

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Logitech's LifeSize Video Center

The LifeSize Video Center from Logitech combines a 220 series codec and HD video camera to allow users to record video and presentations and stream them to a new appliance that captures, processes and publishes the content. Video Center is a one-button HD streaming, recording and auto-publishing system designed to ensure that videos are easily accessible, live and on demand, in high definition. The system is capable of supporting a large number of concurrent recordings, on-demand streams and simultaneous live streams, all in 720p30 HD video. It supports streaming and recording in one device.

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Morphlabs' mCloud

Morphlabs has launched the mCloud product suite, which includes the mCloud Controller 2.1 and mCloud Server. The series is designed to virtualize commodity hardware, while simplifying system administration and application management. The mCloud Controller 2.1 is an appliance used to convert commodity hardware into a cloud, while the mCloud Server is a fully contained cloud computing environment. The suite offers virtualization and automated configuration; monitoring and self-healing; system administration tools; a self-service interface for application developers; billing and reporting; and tools for creating a platform as a service.

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Platform HPC Enterprise Edition

The Platform HPC Enterprise Edition is a cluster management solution designed to help both small and large HPC centers set up and use clusters. This product suite-installed and managed from a single console-provides an integrated system of cluster configuration, deployment, monitoring and management capabilities. The suite includes Platform Cluster Manager, Platform LSF, Platform MPI (formerly called HP MPI), Platform Application Center, Platform RTM monitoring dashboard and Platform ISF Adaptive Cluster for making HPC clusters dynamic.

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