Gomez Introduces New Web-Testing Packages for SMBs

The new Web application packages are designed to give SMBs a way to manage, measure and improve the online experience they offer customers.

Gomez, a provider of Web-application experience management solutions, announced Nov. 28 that it has released new packages for small to midsize businesses.

With the new packages being offered by the application developer, based in Lexington, Mass., SMBs will be able to use Gomezs ExperienceFirst network, which features Web site performance tools for assessing, managing and enhancing their customers online experience.

"Delivering a superior Web experience is critical for any business with an online presence, and especially for SMBs competing in a global market—often against much larger or more established players—for brand awareness, customer loyalty and profitability," Bruce Reading, Gomezs president of worldwide field operations, said in a company release.

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The Gomez ExperienceFirst Network will provide companies with "over 12,000 data sources for Web-experience testing," Gomez said, including "over 10,000-plus actual desktop connections, inside-the-firewall private agents, and a network of private peers such as intranets, branch offices and in-store kiosks."

The new Web application packages will also allow business users to set Web experience standards and be informed when levels fall short or go above expectations; evaluate performance data and identify problem areas and what causes them; and observe application performance for Web content or services provided by third-party suppliers.

Gomezs new offerings will give companies the ability to increase product penetration through channel partners, as they provide businesses with a wide view of the online experience they are delivering, the company said.

"Opening up the Gomez ExperienceFirst network will enable these businesses to benefit from the same caliber of expert tools and best practices used today by the leaders in online businesses at a level that complements their business needs," Reading said.

The new Web applications packages are available now exclusively through Gomezs telesales channel, starting at $400.00.

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