Google Leans on GeoEye-1 Satellite for Celestial Views

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Google Leans on GeoEye-1 Satellite for Celestial Views

by Clint Boulton

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GeoEye is the company that makes the satellites that help Google Earth and Google Maps chart the world from space.

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GeoEye launched GeoEye-1 in September 2008, with Google joining as a partner not long after to use the satellite's imagery.

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GeoEye-1 Spies Pyramids in Egypt

In March 2009, Google unveiled its partnership with GeoEye, promising that "you will start seeing stunning GeoEye-1 imagery blended into our database and viewable through Google Earth, Maps and Google Maps for Mobile."

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GeoEye-1 Captures the Inauguration

Last week, Google served up this and other presidential inauguration images.

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Google Haiti

Google and GeoEye-1 capture how Port-au-Prince was leveled by the force 7.0 earthquake.

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GeoEye Featured Imagery Layer in Google Earth

The new "GeoEye Featured Imagery" layer in Google Earth features placemarks, including a thumbnail of the image, a link to view the image in full resolution and information about the scene, including resolution, collection date and a narrative about the location.

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Geo-Las Vegas

Google offers some favorite featured imagery pics from GeoEye-1, beginning with Las Vegas.

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Oh, Canada

GeoEye-1 tracks Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Mount Kilimanjaro

This is a view of Mount Kilimanjaro, the notorious mountain that has claimed the lives of many who tried to conquer it.

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Burning Man Festival

On the lighter, social side, Google also enlists GeoEye-1 for event images from the heavens.

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Google Earth and GeoEye-1

Google invites users to download Google Earth to see their own GeoEye-1 satellite images here.

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