Google Maps, YouTube Put Spotlight on Chile Earthquake Relief

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Google Maps, YouTube Put Spotlight on Chile Earthquake Relief

by Clint Boulton

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Google Map Maker for Chile

Google Map Maker is currently available for Chile, which users can download here for more information. Google asks users familiar with Chile to add data about Chile on Google Map Maker.

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Chile Person Finder

Originally created to help Haitian citizens after their country was devastated by a quake, this person finder site is designed to help people locate their lost loved ones in the aftermath of the Chile quake. The Person Finder tool has been translated into Spanish and is also available via several media sites and the U.S. Department of State Website via a gadget.

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Google Crisis Response

Google also set up this crisis response Website for users to access.

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Donations Welcome

Users may choose from these donation options via the crisis response site.

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Google My Maps

This My Map shows earthquake measurement data from the U.S. Geological Survey to show people the strength of the quakes in various parts of Chile. Note the initial shock registered 8.8.

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U.S. Geological Survey

Clicking on the "list of earthquakes in this area" option takes users to the U.S. Geological Survey Website.

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Chile on Googles Real-Time Search

Click here to see real-time updates about the Chile earthquake from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other sources.

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Chile Quake Caught on YouTube

This unsettling clip lets users hear the frightening sound of the 8.8 earthquake in pitch black.

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Chile YouTube Aftermath

This is what one Chilean town looked like after the quake had its way with it: an entire hillside collapsed.

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Mobile Giving Foundation

Text donations here, thanks to the Mobile Giving Foundation, which processes wireless donations.

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Chile Quake on Twitter

Mibazaar has a real-time Twitter map showing the latest messages about the Chile earthquake.

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