Google Releases a Long List of New SDN Tools, Services

At Google Platform Connect, the company poured out a list of new connectivity tools and services for enterprises to go with new, substantially lower pricing scales.

New Google Tools

SAN FRANCISCO—Google does a great many things, with some of its products and services receiving a lot more visibility than others. But many people do not realize it also provides a large number of networking tools and services for applications running in its cloud.

At Google Platform Connect, an offshoot of its highly popular Google I/O conference, the huge Web services and products company poured out a long list of new connectivity tools and services for enterprises to go with new, substantially lower pricing scales.

The networking products the company introduced Nov. 4 at the UCSF conference center for Google Cloud Interconnect included three new connectivity options: Direct Peering, Carrier Interconnect and VPN Connectivity.

For Web and application developers, the company introduced Google Container Engine and Firebase Mobile Solution; it also updated some features for its existing Compute Engine and App Engine. These all became available Nov. 4.

Turning Out a Long List of Software, Services

"At Google, we think that networking really is an area of differentiation," Morgan Dollard, Google Product Lead for Cloud Networking, told eWEEK. "It's core to how we run our other businesses, and we've been investing in it for a little over a decade. We continue to invest to make our network better ... and we continue to externalize it for our cloud platform customers."

And externalizing all this IT they are. Google seems to be turning out as much software and tools lately as Hershey is making chocolate bars.

Here are some details:

Google Cloud Interconnect platform now includes:

--Direct Peering, a fast network pipe directly to Google with over 70 points of presence in 33 countries around the world;
--Carrier Interconnect, with which users connect to Google through seven new carrier partners, including Verizon, Equinix, IX Reach, Level 3, TATA Communications, Telx, and Zayo; more partners are in the works;
--VPN Connectivity: This is hardly a new type of product, but Google hasn't offered it before now. VPN will become available in December so users can have their own secure lines directly to Google over the public Internet.

Upgrade for Andromeda SDN Stack

The Andromeda software virtualization stack for networking and orchestration across the Google Cloud platform, released last April, has been upgraded in v1.5 for performance in terms of throughput and numbers of connections per second, Dollard said.

"We're pretty much doubling the performance of our 8-core VM, as far as networking throughput is concerned, and if you go back to before we announced Andromeda 1.0, the increase is about 5X -- which we think is huge," Dollard said. "We think this is industry-leading at this point."

What has caused all this new speed: faster chips, better pipes, leaner code?

"Actually, the answer is none of those. We're not making any changes to our CPUs or to the amount of bandwidth available -- these are all software-based improvements," Dollard said. "By having our own SDN (software-defined networking) staff and being able to continually iterate on it, we're able to pool our functions use things like NFV (network functions virtualization) to pull out certain aspects of the packet-processing stages, and optimize for the cloud platform use cases."

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