Homeland Security Picks Agito, Rivada

Agito Networks and Rivada Networks team to deploy an interoperable communications extension using VOIP in a mobile-deployable first responder communications solution.

Agito Networks and Rivada Networks have been selected to aid in emergency response support for homeland security and defense missions. The companies' ICE24 (Interoperable Communications Extension) is an interoperable, mobile-deployable first responder communications solution allowing interoperable communications at an incident site using voice over IP technologies.
ICE24 kits, delivered by Rivada and powered by Agito's RoamAnywhere Mobility Router for reliable VOIP service, contain dual-mode (Wi-Fi/cellular) mobile devices, such as the Palm Treo Pro; Wi-Fi access points for wireless communications; and a satellite dish for backhaul connectivity for communications outside the site.
"Our customers have a clear need for a secure communications solution that can be driven and dropped at a specific location, and set up immediately," Rivada Vice President Rob Needham said in a statement. "Having to wait hours or days for communications to be brought up using licensed cellular technologies puts a mission or people's lives at risk."
Rivada's mobile devices are active instantly over unlicensed Wi-Fi, or public safety spectrum, and communicate with one another, as well as with other devices such as land mobile radios, personal data assistants, laptops, Wi-Fi-enabled cellular phones and satellite-enabled phones. The ICE24 solutions operate out of a hosted satellite teleport, and their architecture allows ubiquitous communication by connecting to the devices over a satellite connection.
Agito's RoamAnywhere Mobility Router fuses Wi-Fi, cellular and unified communications with location information, improving the accessibility and responsiveness of mobile users, while reducing mobile costs and improving in-building coverage.
"This solution from Rivada and Agito is truly unique in the industry, and demonstrates another application of the RoamAnywhere Mobility Router, in this case for emergency first responders globally," said Amit Chawla, Agito Networks' CEO.