How Fibre Channel over Ethernet Improves Data Center Efficiency - Page 2

FCoE deployment in data centers

The first FCoE products will be CNAs (Converged Network Adapters) that provide server LAN and SAN connectivity over Ethernet. In addition, FCoE switches will connect FCoE-capable initiators (server side) to existing Fibre Channel SANs, enabling customers to consolidate server interconnectivity on a single Ethernet fabric.


FCoE access switches and CNAs, or server adapters with FCoE initiators, simplify the network topology

To the nodes in the Fibre Channel SAN, the FCoE initiators appear to be directly connected, and can be managed and maintained with the same tools.


A fully converged network architecture with end-to-end FCoE

Next, native FCoE storage arrays, along with existing iSCSI and NAS storage, enable a fully converged fabric.