How to Maintain Business Continuity in Your Evolving Data Center

There is a lot of pressure for today's data center managers to hold down capital expenses while maintaining ever-expanding services. Many are trying to do more with less, with some pushing their systems beyond what they were originally designed to handle. Here, Knowledge Center contributor Frank Bibens explains why a comprehensive service program that combines preventive maintenance with facility assessments and monitoring is critical to maintaining business continuity and data center reliability.


Earlier this year, huge, debilitating thunderstorms plagued the northeastern United States. They knocked out utility power to a local 911 call center and triggered a frantic call to Emerson Network Power's Liebert Services business. The 911 center's UPS batteries in its data center had failed and, given the nature of the facility's operations, it was critical it get them back online quickly.

We responded swiftly and had the 911 center operating again shortly after the initial call. Upon investigation of the failure's cause, officials with the 911 center admitted that they did not engage in a comprehensive service program (which typically includes preventive maintenance, assessments and monitoring). Had their data center engaged in a battery service maintenance program, this outage could have been avoided.

Situations like this 911 center incident are powerful reminders of why a comprehensive service program is necessary. In today's ever-changing, data center-dependent world economy, a comprehensive service program is crucial to maintaining business continuity.