How to Overcome Multihomed ISP Link Challenges

Organizations today continue to battle problems related to delivering continuous uptime and high availability of applications delivered over the WAN or Internet. The biggest challenges are faced by small and medium-sized enterprises that need to provide high availability for their applications, but are often faced with limited IT budgets that challenge their ability to have continuous network uptime. As Knowledge Center contributor Marc Goodman explains, an affordable solution can be the deployment of a multihomed network by utilizing WAN link controllers for managing multiple and diverse network links.


In many organizations today, business-critical applications that had previously been accessed locally are now being accessed over the WAN, creating new concerns over reliable and secure access, as well as appropriate and cost-effective bandwidth allocation. WAN connectivity failures and traffic congestion have become common problems that impact these business-critical applications.

The increasing security vulnerabilities of Web-based applications and the exposure to security attacks are a growing threat. These problems can result in failed business transactions and productivity losses for remote users. But allocating additional budget for additional bandwidth will not solve WAN latency issues and link utilization and ISP network connection failures.

Organizations are also faced with the challenges that are inherent within applications such as voice over IP (VOIP), Outlook Web Access (OWA), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Web portals, and others, putting increased stress upon ISP links. They continue to deal with issues such as link availability and application performance over the network links.

Problems such as bandwidth congestion, bandwidth allocation and inefficient link utilization issues are problems that cost businesses in the form of loss of revenue and customer loyalty, not to mention increased operational expenses.

In this article, we'll explore the challenges that organizations face when deploying a multihomed network and how to overcome these challenges with WAN link controllers. They deliver an affordable solution for optimizing the performance of ISP connectivity and ensuring ISP link failover. This approach is becoming more popular for ensuring WAN or Internet uptime to automate the load balancing and failover of multiple, diverse ISP connections.