IBM PureSystems Sales Heat Up in Emerging Markets

IBM said its new expert integrated systems, known as IBM PureSystems, are seeing increased momentum in emerging markets.

IBM has announced that its new IBM PureSystems expert integrated hardware solutions are seeing increasing success in emerging markets.

Big Blue officials said more than 700 business partners have adopted IBM PureSystems and more than 1,300 have completed IBM training for the systems, with a large number of those being in what IBM refers to as growth markets.

For instance, ValeCard, a multi-industry conglomerate based in Brazil, has achieved 40 percent growth annually over the past three-years. Facing rapid expansion of its business, ValeCard turned to IBM PureSystems to manage thousands of transaction records from contracts with large companies and government entities. Additionally, ValeCard is using IBM PureSystems to help it meet an increasing set of new regulations and standards for data availability, IBM said.

€œOne of the driving factors behind ValeCard€™s growth is our ability to provide clients with customized solutions,€ said Jose Geraldo Ortigosa, ValeCard€™s operations manager. €œIBM PureSystems provides us with the latest cloud technology and other key capabilities we need to maintain and accelerate this growth.€

IBM said as organizations around the world increasingly look for ways to reduce IT complexity and overcome the growing worldwide skills shortage, the IBM PureSystems solutions are catching on among global clients and business partners. In addition to education and technical guidance, IBM is also announcing new financing options as well as increased support from more than 700 of its business partners.

Moreover, according to industry experts, approximately three-quarters of global employers cite a lack of experience, skills or knowledge as the primary reason for the difficulty filling IT positions. As a result, organizations are searching for new computing models that don€™t require the additional commitment of significant resources or employee training to set up and maintain.