IBM Reveals p 570 Innards

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IBM Reveals p 570 Innards

The IBM Power6 includes two cores, plus controllers, registers, cache and SMP (symmetric multiprocessing) support. Note that the processor chip is divided into symmetrical sides, one for Core 0 and the other for Core 1. Photo: IBM

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IBM Reveals p 570 Innards - Inside the Core

Most of the Power6 core consists of segments that perform familiar tasks, including decimal and binary floating-point units, instruction fetch and dispatch, and a fixed-point unit. The segment labeled “RU” is unique. This is the recovery unit,

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IBM Reveals p 570 Innards - p 570 Closeup

This is the IBM p 570 outfitted with a pair of Power6 processors. The server’s construction resembles the design of a blade chassis. The processor boards slide into place, as do the disk drives and I/O boards. The oblong black connectors are for tyi

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IBM Reveals p 570 Innards - Working Together

Only one of these p 570 servers has its own storage. The others use the SAN (storage area network), visible in the lower left corner. These three p 570 servers are tied together to provide six total Power6 processors with 12 cores available. Ph

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IBM Reveals p 570 Innards - Just Add Wire

All that’s required to make these p 570 servers act as a single unit are cables. Note the flat, tan-colored cables connecting each unit to the one below it, and the longer cable connecting the bottom unit to the top. Photo: Wayne Rash /

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IBM Reveals p 570 Innards - Processor Package

The IBM Power6 Processor Module includes the Power6 processor itself (under the shiny square object in the center) and support chips around the outside. Each p 570 includes two of these dual-core processors. Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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