IBM Slashed More than 10K Jobs in 2009, Says Group

[email protected] claims IBM has cut more than 10,000 jobs thus far in 2009.

According to the [email protected], a group of current and former IBM employees pushing to unionize the company's U.S. work force, IBM has cut more than 10,000 jobs thus far in 2009.

Lee Conrad, national coordinator for the [email protected], said according to reports sent in to the organization, IBM has cut 10,403 jobs to date in 2009.

"Also an anonymous employee stated that 13,000 names have been removed from the IBM US internal employee/contractor email database so far this year," Conrad said in an e-mail.

Moreover, Conrad said, "IBM's North American job cuts for 2009 as of August 24, 2009, that [email protected] has verified through the receipt of Resource Action (RA) packages" amount to 9,308. And with reports of small job cuts over the past year that have not been verified through RA packs, employee "force-outs" based on Management Initiated Separation, and elimination of IBM contractors not included in IBM's Resource Action packages, the number of job cuts balloons to more than 10,000, Conrad said.

According to [email protected] reports, the 2009 job cuts include 1,419 positions eliminated from IBM Software Group. 1,213 from IBM Systems and Technology Group, 1,449 from IBM Sales and Distribution, 2,136 from IBM Global Business Services' Application Services group, 998 from IBM's GBS Consulting Services and 307 from IBM Finance, among other units of the systems giant.