IBM Teams with Shell Oil for E-Learning System

IBM helps Shell create its Global Terminal Automation System, a new e-learning tool.

IBM has announced a partnership with Shell that has transformed the way the oil and gas company trains employees on its new automated system for loading fuel onto trucks, barges, trains and pipelines.

IBM is working with Shell to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of training by helping 1,000 employees in 13 countries improve their decision-making skills, while building their knowledge of the fuelling automation system, called the Global Terminal Automation System.

The GTAS training solution is a new e-learning tool, designed to provide Shell employees with an on-demand, interactive and hands-on environment that re-creates typical fueling scenarios in a safe learning environment. The e-learning tool was built through collaboration between Shell experts, a team of IBM consultants and e-learning developers. It provides a long-term learning solution for GTAS, eliminating the need to fly in experienced users to provide training, Shell officials said

The tool tests staff by providing typical scenarios they may have to deal with-a truck driver's pass code failing to lift a barrier for instance. The employee then goes into the system, checks available information and resolves the problem. User scores and response times are stored to provide Shell with data insight on the results that employees are achieving. This also enables Shell to identify which users require additional support and training.

"We predominantly used classroom training before the pilot," Jeroen Ravelli and Rivhu Khan of Shell Distribution, said in a statement. "However, working with our partner IBM, we explored the cost and learning benefits of developing an online e-simulation-rather than flying trainers around the world to deliver face-to-face training. This had the potential to bring interactive learning direct to the terminal-control centers and make the training more realistic and engaging."

The first phase of implementation began last year, IBM said. The e-learning tool will be used in Brazil, the United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Turkey, Italy, Denmark, Malaysia and Oman. The tool has been translated into several languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, German, Italian and Turkish.

"The objective of the learning solution was to enable Shell to up-skill its employees in a smarter and more efficient way," Andi Britt, organization and people lead at IBM Global Business Services for the United Kingdom and Ireland, said in a statement. "The GTAS e-Learning demonstrates IBM's commitment to deliver the highest quality services and the most advanced and innovative technologies to its clients."