IBM to Introduce New Systems With 'Integrated Expertise'

At its Smarter Computing Executive Summary in New York, IBM announced plans to deliver a new family of systems that will have "integrated expertise" built in.

NEW YORK €” IBM announced plans to introduce a new family of computing systems that feature €œintegrated expertise€ inside the machine.

At the IBM Smarter Computing Executive Forum here Feb. 15, Rod Adkins, senior vice president of IBM€™s Systems and Technology Group (STG), said IBM will introduce a new era of computing€”a new category of expert integrated systems that are designed to run the workloads enterprise users most frequently deploy.

Essentially, IBM has dug into its bag of tricks to come up with these new systems that bring built-in expertise that can help users get new projects up and running in as little as four hours and cut months off the time it takes to deploy new applications, IBM said in an invitation handed out to attendees.

The invitation was to the event at which IBM will introduce these new systems April 11 in New York City.

The proverbial bag of tricks IBM reached into to help build these new €œintegrated expertise€ systems is the company€™s R&D unit, IBM Research. Adkins said IBM spends about $6.2 billion annually on R&D. Of that, $3 billion is spent in the STG unit. Yet Adkins also noted that up to one-half or more of the patents awarded to IBM every year come from the STG division.

€œThis is an exciting opportunity for us, given all the things we€™re doing around Smarter Computing,€ Adkins said. €œThese systems are based on the deep research and investments we made around systems design. It involves deep optimization and integration of systems technology.€

Moreover, the new systems will serve as a proof point of IBM€™s Smarter Computing strategy, Adkins said.

Asked if the introduction of these new systems would be as big an announcement for IBM as the introduction of the zEnterprise System in July 2010, Adkins said the announcement would be €œas big, but different.€

Adkins said IBM would continue to shed more light on the upcoming systems as the introduction event approaches. What he did not say was how much, if at all, the systems would rely on technology from IBM€™s Watson computing system.