Imperial Offers 1TB RAM Cache

Imperial's MegaRam 10000 supports a million input/outputs per second across 48 Fibre Channel ports.

Administrators of ultra high-performance computing systems now have access to a 1TB RAM cache, from specialist Imperial Technology Inc.

MegaRam 10000, for about $2 million, supports a million input/outputs per second across 48 Fibre Channel ports, said Robert David, CEO and president, in El Segundo, Calif. Imperials prior version only scaled to 51GB.

"That allows for [1,280] separate logical units," David said. Market requirements, not engineering challenges, sparked the massive new devices rolling timing, he said.

MegaRam 10000 systems start at $350,000 for 100GB of memory. Systems are designed for vertical markets such as grid computing, life science and biomedical research, large-scale engineering, and time-sensitive geophysical applications, he said.

MegaRam 10000 is compatible with various products from EMC Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co., IBM, Microsoft Corp., Oracle Corp., Sun Microsystems Inc., Sybase Inc., and Veritas Software Corp. The new capacity does not apply to Imperials SANaccelerator product, David said.

"Where we go from here is, were looking at iSCSI connectivity, InfiniBand beyond that, and then going to magnetic RAM technology," which doesnt require batteries, David said. "Thats six to eight years out," he added. Imperial buys its memory from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., of San Jose, Calif., and from Micron Technology Inc., of Boise, Idaho.