Information Builders Shows the iWay

Information Builders' iWay Software subsidiary is forging an adapter deal with Sun.

NEW ORLEANS—Information Builders Inc. held its Summit User Conference here last week, making several announcements, including a disclosure that its iWay Software subsidiary is forging a deal with Sun Microsystems Inc. under which Sun will distribute a package of some 25 iWay adapters, optimized for the Sun ONE environment, to integrate Sun systems with other environments.

At the conference, iWay President John Senor outlined to attendees a future direction for iWay that includes so-called Smart Connections, or packaged integrator processes. These are intended to integrate systems at the business-function level, a higher level than that served by current iWay adapters, Senor said.

iWay also unveiled SOAPswitch 5.5, a wizard-driven Web services adaptation tool, based on technology acquired from Actional Software last year, that lets users deploy iWay adapters.

New York-based Information Builders also announced a business performance management framework built on its flagship WebFocus business intelligence and Web reporting product. The framework includes dashboards, performance metrics, management methodologies and financial reporting applications built on the WebFocus platform. The framework is certified by Balanced Scorecard Collaborative Inc.

In addition, the company announced WebFocus Express, a version of WebFocus designed to let ISVs and VARs build applications on the platform more quickly and cost effectively. Information Builders also announced the availability of WebFocus controls for BEA Systems Inc.s BEA WebLogic Workshop 8.1, designed to provide a mechanism for accessing WebFocus reporting functionality from the WebLogic Workshop.


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