Inside - The Technology Backbone Supporting the Democratic Convention

Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Qwest and Verizon Wireless will be front and center as the Democrats begin their national convention. As swarms of bloggers descend on Denver, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Qwest and Verizon Wireless brace for the infrastructure challenge of serving the needs of thousands of bloggers, an estimated 5,000 delegates and 15,000 members of the media. Google's YouTube kiosk will allow people to directly post to the Internet while Microsoft technology like Silverlight will be on prominent display.

Note to Barack Obama and attendees at the Democratic National Convention this week in Denver: be careful - very careful - what you do in Denver this week. Unlike, say, Las Vegas, what you say and do in Denver will not stay in the Mile High city. More likely, what you say or do will be on YouTube in a matter of minutes, embarrassing or not.

Ditto for Republican convention attendees in Minneapolis beginning Sept. 1.

While both conventions will be tightly choreographed for television purposes, bloggers will be swarming both cities, jamming press conferences and breathlessly reporting on the more than 90 parties and receptions a day scheduled for the convention crowd.

With the heavily promoted support of Google, bloggers in Denver will have access to an 8,000-square-foot "big tent" outside of the convention site featuring kiosks for almost instant uploading of videos to YouTube. Twitters will be falling from the sky. In addition there will be too many Webcasts to count, flurries of text messaging and Sirius XM radio will carry live audio coverage of doings on the convention floor.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have everyone who works in politics in one place," Ginny Hunt, a manager on the Google elections team, has told almost every reporter in sight. "It'll be a rare opportunity to have such hands-on work between Googlers and users.

Google will also promote workshops and demonstrations highlighting its many online digital tools for politics, including how to create an election map and an elections video search tool.