Intel Cuts Chip Prices - 1

The reductions follow less then a week after the chip maker announced its first-quarter earnings.

Intel has quietly reduced pricing on some of its microprocessors, and the company has also introduced additional models within its mobile and desktop-chips portfolio.

The chip maker released the price changes on its Web site on April 20. The changes include several of its dual- and quad-core Xeon models for servers. These include a 50 percent price reduction in the quad-core Xeon X3230 model, from $530 to $266, and a 16 percent reduction in the X3220, from $266 to $224.


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Intel also reduced its dual-core Xeon 3085 pricing from $266 to $188, representing a 29 percent reduction.

On the mobile side, Intel trimmed pricing on two of its older Celeron processors by 20 percent. The Celeron 560 now sells for $107, and the Celeron 550 now goes for $86. In addition, the company introduced a new processor-the Celeron 570-that runs at 2.66GHz and sells for $134.

For desktops, Intel reduced the prices of its Celeron 440 from $53 to $44, a 17 percent reduction drop, and the company's Celeron 430 was reduced from $44 to $34. There was also a 19 percent price reduction on the dual-core Celeron E1200, from $53 to $43. The updated pricing list on the Web site also includes a new dual-core Celeron E1400 processor with a clock speed of 2GHz, which retails for $53.

Within the Pentium family, Intel cut the price of the dual-core E2200 by 12 percent-the chip now sells for $74. The price of the E2180 was slashed by 14 percent, to $64.

The company dropped the prices of its more current Core 2 Duo E4600 by 15 percent, from $133 to $113, and the E6850 by 31 percent, from $266 to $183. Intel also is selling two, new Core 2 Duo desktop models: The E8300-2.83GHz-at $163 and the E7200-2.53GHz-at $133.

Intel also cut the price of its high-end Core 2 Quad Q6700 model by 50 percent, from $530 and $266, and the Q6600 by 16 percent, from $266 to $224.

All the new prices are calculated in 1,000-unit shipments.