Interactive Taxi

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Interactive Taxi

The Interactive Taxi display is installed in the back of the front seat where, at the end of a ride, passengers can pay their fare online using the touch screen and a swipe-card reader. (SOURCE: PeerDirect)

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Interactive Taxi - CBS point screen enhanced

Interactive Taxi receives commercial video feeds and textual information that is regularly updated at the companys servers and downloaded to the cabs using EVDO technology from Verizon. PeerDirects synchronization software allows the units to maintain

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Interactive Taxi - IT interface

In addition to text news, sports, and local restaurant and entertainment options, users can get information about taxi fares and rules and even pay by credit card through the display. Buttons across the bottom of the screen allow them to call up localized

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Interactive Taxi - IT interface -- ad drill down

Interactive Taxis business model is based on the sale of national advertising which is displayed in video feeds onscreen. Users who are interested in learning more about what is being advertised can touch the text screen to the left to call up a menu tha

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