Interop Las Vegas 2007

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Interop Las Vegas 2007

Xirrus was showing a prototype of the new 802.11n module for its high-capacity, high-speed, long-distance access point. The new modules, which will install into existing Xirrus access points, will handle traffic up to 300M bps per radio. The new MIMO ante

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Interop Las Vegas 2007 - Power over GbE

Xirrus also introduced a device to provide power over Gigabit Ethernet lines. This allows Xirrus access points to be installed more easily since there does not need to be a separate power line installed along with the Ethernet cables when the access point

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Interop Las Vegas 2007 - Nexthop Management

Nexthop was showing its WLAN management solution which the company says can run on nearly any available platform. Here it's being shown running on lots of those platforms. The company says it can offer the same functionality as Trapeze or Aruba, but doesn

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Interop Las Vegas 2007 - Ixia's 10GbE Powerhouse

Ixia was showing its XM12X test module that can provide full-rate 10 Gigabit Ethernet traffic for testing products using layer 2 - 7 real world traffic. This allows manufacturers and companies using 10GbE devices to certify that their products actually pe

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Interop Las Vegas 2007 - High Speed Canon

Canon has just announced it's CanoBeam DT-150. This device uses a light beam to transmit data at speeds up to 1.5G bps over long distances. The distance depends on weather conditions, but it's good for a couple of kilometers even in really awful weather,

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Interop Las Vegas 2007 - Cushcraft Wireless

Legendary antenna maker Cushcraft is showing its line of antennas designed for a wide variety of uses including muni Wi-Fi and WiMax. These antennas are basically invisible when mounted on a building.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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Interop Las Vegas 2007 - Muni with Tropos

Tropos showed its outdoor MuniWiFi access point mounted to a street light, as is becoming increasingly common. This way the access point has a ready source of electricity, and it fits in well with the esthetic requirements of most cities.Photo: Wayne

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Interop Las Vegas 2007 - Everything from Inscape Data

Inscape Data can provide nearly anything you need for your converged wireless needs from antennas to wireless video cameras. You can stand in one spot in this booth and see yourself from four different directions, which can be very sobering.Photo:

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Interop Las Vegas 2007 - European Technology

European Antennas can sell you an antenna for virtually any purpose you can imagine, and if they don't have one, they'll design it for you. The company draws on long wireless experience in the European market to bring solutions to U.S. companies as well.<</body>

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Interop Las Vegas 2007 - Comtelco Brings Variety

Comtelco can provide a wide range of high gain antennas and mobile antennas for your converged network needs.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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Interop Las Vegas 2007 - Mobilize Your Data

Mobile Mark makes antennas that are designed to work effectively for the needs of mobile workers. The company makes the devices for the actual mobile applications, as well as for the base antennas with which they need to communicate.Photo: Wayne Rash

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Interop Las Vegas 2007 - Doing Good While Doing Well

Secure Computing offers a pair of solutions here. One solution is for attendees to find a way to get rid of the vast quantity of freebees (or tchotchkes as they're known at technology trade shows) that companies give them as they pass by their booths. Tho

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Interop Las Vegas 2007 - Dead Aliens

Models representing Blue Cat Networks pose with a simulated dead alien. At least we hope the alien was simulated. The models were not, as far as we could tell, simulated, but we didn't do a thorough check. The company is well known for over-the-top booth

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Interop Las Vegas 2007

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