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"We've broken down our approach to the downturn in three pieces, the first of which we call 'back to basics,' " Rick Clark, CEO of data protection management software maker Aptare, told eWEEK. "Companies are going back to 'must-haves,' not 'nice-to-haves.' Things that can make a dramatic effect on the bottom line and not have a four-to-five-year ROI payback with them."
Even though a certain technology may be sexy right now, unless it has a pretty compelling return on investment, IT executives just aren't interested in even looking at it, Clark said.
"The true focus is now on utilization and efficiencies within IT that result in hard dollar savings -- ROIs that can be quantified over a period of six months or less. It's been a long time since we've heard that," Clark said.
Stopping the general wastefulness of IT resources -- especially regarding storage capacity -- is another point IT executives are now examining.
"We know of two telecommunication providers that came either to Aptare or one of our partners and said, 'Where on Earth is all of our storage going?' 'How are they [IT managers] utilizing it?' and 'Why on Earth are we buying more and more [storage]?' because they're sick and tired of writing that check at the end of every month," Clark said.
Finally, there's a seasonal factor involved here, with the holidays coming up at the end of the year. This is the beginning of the traditional slow season in IT.
"Companies are looking for no big changes in IT," Clark said. "Unless a project is well under way, companies are not looking to embrace disruptive changes in the organization."

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