It's All About Security

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It's All About Security

Is Mac OS X really more secure than Windows? Some security experts say that it is, thanks to its sandboxing and other key features. Others, however, say that less trouble hits Mac OS X because fewer cyber-criminals are targeting it. In either case, theres less trouble to be had on Mac OS X. In a world where cyber-criminals are always looking for inviting targets to hit, the Macs enduring image of being less vulnerable to malware is more important than ever.

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The Mac App Store

One of the nicest things about Mac OS X Lion is its inclusion of the Mac App Store. With that service, users can download digital versions of applications to their computers without worrying about a disc. Right now, Microsoft doesnt have an application store. Furthermore, the company doesnt plan to launch its own marketplace until next year with Windows 8.

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Macintosh Resume Saves Data

When it comes to computing, terrible things can happen without warning, such as an application crashes or somebody trips over the power cord and shuts down a computer completely. In Windows, users will lose all unsaved data. However, in Mac OS X Lion, thanks to its Resume feature, users can boot back up and go right back to work without losing any data. Its a feature that everyone should keep in mind.

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FaceTime Support Is Important

When Apple announced FaceTime last year with the launch of its iPhone 4, it quickly became clear that video chatting would be a favorite activity for many people around the globe. Now, Apple supports it on all of its mobile products, as well as in Mac OS X Lion. Windows, on the other hand, doesnt come with FaceTime support. If users want to video chat with friends who are either on a different computer or on the road, getting a Mac with FaceTime is a must.

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Other Apple Services Are Coming

The latest rumors suggest Apple is planning to deliver more features to Mac OS X Lion in the coming months. One prominent rumor contends Apple will offer Siri support, so users can control their Mac desktops and laptops with voice commands. In addition, the rumor mill says iMessage and even AirPlay Mirroring could be coming to Lion. If Apple adds those features, Lion will be an even more worthwhile purchase than it is right now.

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The Price Is Right

For those customers that are running a Windows XP- or Windows Vista-based computer, getting into the world of Windows 7 can be expensive, depending on the version theyre looking for. In fact, its not hard to spend hundreds of dollars to get Microsofts latest OS version. But Lion is different. Current Mac OS X owners who want to use Lion need only pay $30 to add it to their computer. Not bad.

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Macs Are Winners

Buying into Mac OS X Lion is about more than just the software. The nice thing about the operating system is that its available only on Apples own Macs. As recent sales figures have shown, there are a growing number of people around the globe that would rather buy a Mac than any other computer from another vendor.

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Software Support Is No Longer an Issue

Over the years, support for mission-critical programs, or even just solid video games, was one of the biggest issues for Mac OS X. However, thanks to the App Store, developers are jumping at the chance to support Apples operating system. Plus, as the operating system continues to gain popularity, even more developers will jump at the chance to offer their software on the platform. Simply put, those who have stuck with Windows because of software support have no defense any longer.

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It Runs Windows

There are still many people, as well as a majority of companies, that have no option but to run Windows most of the time. Luckily for those folks, they can still buy a Mac and use Mac OS X Lion. For those customers, they can buy either Parallels or VMWare Fusion, which allows users to run virtual versions of Windows in Mac OS X. In addition, those folks can dual-boot Windows on any Mac they buy, thanks to Boot Camp. If thats not selling point, what is?

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A More Hands-Off Experience

The nice thing about Mac OS X Lion is that its not all that difficult to use the operating system. Upon breaking a Mac out of the box, users can turn the device on, and within just a couple minutes, they can be surfing the Web, checking email and downloading applications. Even better, theres no need to worry about managing security software. Mac OS X Lion provides a very hands-off approach.

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