IT Transformers

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IT Transformers

Theres change, and then theres transformation. eWEEK names 10 people who are significantly transforming the way we think about and use technology today--and raising the bar for tomorrow. By Michael Vizard and Eric Lundquist

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IT Transformers - Rod Adkins

Vice president, development, IBM's Systems and Technology Group As a member of IBMs Performance and Technology Teams and the Board of Governors for the IBM Academy of Technology, Adkins helps drive IBM's corporate and technical direction.

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IT Transformers - Andy Bechtolsheim

Chief architect and senior vice president, Network Systems, Sun When Sun Microsystems acquired startup Kealia, it also re-acquired one of its co-founders, Andy Bechtolsheim. Bechtolsheim is now working on the Sun Constellation System, an o

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IT Transformers - Martin Duursma

Chair of the Citrix CTO Office and VP of the Advanced Products Group, Citrix Martin Duursma oversees research teams in Sydney, Australia; Cambridge, England; and Redmond, Wash. In a Citrix Community blog post, Riding the Wave, Duursma descr

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IT Transformers - George He

CTO, Lenovo Some wondered what would happen to the venerable ThinkPad line once Lenovo purchased IBM's PC division. No worries, as evidenced by Lenovo's overall win (with the ThinkPad X60) in eWEEK's 7th annual Excellence Awards program. He

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IT Transformers - Phil Hester

Senior vice president and CTO, AMD Hester, formerly CTO of IBM's PC division and VP of RS/6000 hardware development, sets the microprocessor technology direction at AMD. Next up-Barcelona, AMD's quad-core chip set.

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IT Transformers - Mary Lou Jepsen

CTO, One Laptop Per Child Initiative Jepsen is the founding chief technology officer of the One Laptop Per Child initiative, an organization whose mission is to provide low-cost, networked PCs to children in developing countries. Considered

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IT Transformers - David Moellenhoff

CTO, After many an ASP came and went, was the company that got software as a service right--and CTO Moellenhoff was one of the principal architects of's systems.

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IT Transformers - Mendel Rosenblum

Founder and chief scientist, VMware 'VMware' has become synonymous with 'virtualization,' and Rosenblum, co-founder and chief scientist at VMware, was at the forefront in developing virtual-machine software for systems powered by Intel and

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IT Transformers - Craig Silverstein

rector of Technology, Google There is perhaps no company that is currently doing more to change the way we think about how applications are consumed and delivered than Google. Driving Google's technology charge is the company's No. 1 employ

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IT Transformers - Linus Torvalds

Leader of Linux Development Torvalds is the man behind Linux and the current coordinator of the Linux kernel project. Talk about transformative: Linux has changed the way corporations think about and buy operating systems-and software in ge

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