Kamran Sistanizadeh

Founder and chief technology officer, Yipes Communications

Figuratively speaking, Kamran Sistanizadeh is a converted atheist.

Yipes Communications co-founders Jerry Parrick and Ron Young decided to convert him as a co-founder shortly after a memorable lunch at a Silicon Alley restaurant, where the dynamic duo decided to go ahead with Yipes.

As they remember it now, they wanted somebody to architect their next-generation last-mile Gigabit Ethernet network, so it would have to be someone who was both a network genius and came from the belly of the beast — a telco. If you get an atheist to believe in your religion, then you have a solid argument, they reasoned.

That is how Sistanizadeh got in Yipes crosshairs. A star at Bell Atlantic Global Networks, Sistanizadeh built one of the world largest Asynchronous Transfer Mode networks as chief technology officer, and he holds a number of patents on Digital Subscriber Line technology implementations. Continuing in the same position with Yipes, Sistanizadeh built an Internet Protocol network with a four-nines-reliability guarantee — and hes not done yet: He hopes to get Yipes network to five nines. In a space of two years, Sistanizadeh went from being an ATM/DSL prophet to a Gigabit Ethernet pioneer.

Sistanizadeh has been the inventor or co-inventor of 16 granted patents. He has contributed significantly to the standardization of the DSL technology — Integrated Services Digital Network DSL, High-speed DSL, Asymmetric DSL, xDSL — with more than 40 technical contributions. He was one of the founding members of the ADSL Forum, where he served as an elected board member from its inception until 1997.