Katt Flies High with News

Opinion: Barbara Barrett could soon pilot the FAA and a judge grounds Wyly's bid to reopen the CA case.

"Come fly with me, lets fly, lets fly away," sang the old blue-eyed Baron of Babble when he heard that Barbara Barrett is a serious contender to be the next FAA administrator. The buzz is that Barrett, who during the Reagan era was deputy FAA administrator and also served on the Civil Aeronautics Board, is being eyed by the Bush administration to take over the FAA spot when the current administrator steps down in September.

"Hmm, that could be just in time to make sure her husband, Intel Chairman Craig Barrett, doesnt have to take off his shoes for airport security when he heads to India this September," mused the Mouser.

Barrett will reportedly be heading to New Delhi this fall to promote the Intel World Ahead Program, which aims to accelerate access to technology in developing countries. "I feel like Im in New Delhi instead of New England right now," groused the Grimalkin, as a summer heat wave beset Beantown.

Staying home to escape the midday heat, the Katt was dismayed to find nothing on TV but soap operas and Judge Judy. Suddenly, the KattPhone brought forth a call from a crony who presented the Mouser with a mash up of both themes.

"Welcome to another episode of As the CA Turns," cackled the crony, who said that a federal judge put the kibosh on Sam Wyly and his Ranger Governance groups recent attempt to wrangle more money out of the Islandia-based software company. The judge declared that Wylys campaign to negate a 2003 shareholder settlement against CA valued at more than $140 million and launch a revised suit against past and present CA execs lacked substance. Wylys new suit, which was based on the discovery of 23 boxes that allegedly contained evidence of further fraudulent behavior on CAs part than had been previously uncovered, hoped to net close to $1 billion this time around.

Alas, the revelations contained in the mysterious boxes failed to inspire the judge to reopen the case. "Wylys legal team should have taken a cue from Howie Mandels mindless game show, Deal or No Deal, and hired 23 models to hold the boxes in court and let the judge guess which one held the evidence," laughed the Lynx.

Before bidding Spence adieu, the caller noted that Yogesh Gupta, a former CA senior VP, is now CEO of FatWire Software. Spence was about to check out rumors claiming HP may reveal new iPaq-branded handhelds by years end when he stumbled upon Apples latest unsubtle attack on PCs. In the iMac section of Apples Web site, the fifth picture above the heading "Nothing peripheral about it" features a side-by-side comparison of a new sleek iMac and a cumbersome-looking Dell XPS 410, bizarrely sporting more cords than a Mount Everest climbing expedition would require. "OK, I get it—the iMac has a smaller footprint—but are they trying to tell us PCs are into bondage, too?" pondered the Puss.


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