Keyspan VOIP Phone Offers Good Coverage

Review: eWEEK Labs was pleasantly surprised by Keyspan's Cordless VOIP Phone coverage, as it maintained clear calls as far as 80 feet from our base station.

Unlike the other Skype phones we looked at, Keyspans $79 Cordless VOIP Phone is not a Wi-Fi device.

Instead, the device (Model VP-24A) is really just a handset that connects wirelessly to a PC with Skype installed.

To get the wireless working, we needed to connect to a PC with a small USB transmitter/receiver dongle that uses the 2.4GHz radio band (but not Wi-Fi).

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Given the form factor, we were pleasantly surprised by the coverage this solution afforded: We maintained clear and understandable calls as far as 80 feet from our base station.


Using the controls on the handset, we could browse our contact list to make calls, directly dial the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) via SkypeOut or receive incoming calls.

While the VP-24As backlit monochrome screen isnt much to look at, the device is quite simple to use.

Best of all: Keyspan provides software and drivers for both Windows and the Macintosh.

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