Kofax Buys Text Classification, Extraction Developer

Kofax will use Mohomine's technology to automate capture of paper-based or electronic unstructured textual data.

Information-capture vendor Kofax Image Products Inc. has purchased Mohomine Inc., an automated text classification and extraction developer, in a cash transaction, the company announced on Monday.

Kofax President Rick Murphy said in a release that Mohomines technology will be used to automate capture of paper-based or electronic unstructured textual data—a task that has required the use of "expensive, labor-intensive classification and indexing" that made many projects infeasible, he said. Examples of such unstructured data include e-mail, PDF files and Web pages.

Mohomine markets MohoClassifier and MohoExtractor software. MohoClassifier categorizes 50MB to 100MB of text per minute, approximating a 300-page novel per second, according to company officials. Both tools perform independently of language and can be used with European languages, Arabic and Chinese. Accuracy ranges from mid-60 percent to the high-90 percent range, according to officials.

Kofax—which is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., and is a division of the DICOM Group plc.—expects to release a product incorporating Mohomine technology later this year. Mohomine, based in San Diego, will continue to license and support its products for current customers.

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