Krugle Brings Code Search to Microsoft CodePlex

Krugle delivers code search capabilities to Microsoft's CodePlex community source effort.

Krugle has announced that its code search engine for developers now supports Microsofts community source site, CodePlex.

Menlo Park, Calif.-based Krugle announced on Feb. 20 that it has added more than 6.5 million lines of code from Microsofts shared and open-source initiatives to the Krugle index.

The new capability lets Krugle users browse, search and share code from more than 500 projects hosted on the Microsoft CodePlex site.

Developers also will have access to code from Microsofts Shared Source CLI (Common Language Infrastructure), a set of development tools, classes and code samples for the .Net Framework.

CodePlex is a shared source project hosting site launched by Microsoft in May 2006. It provides source control, issue tracking, discussion forums and development team wikis for many key open-source projects.

"This partnership will enable new ways to access and leverage the growing number of CodePlex projects," said Jim Newkirk, Microsofts product unit manager for CodePlex, in a statement.

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"Whether theyre browsing code for learning purposes or seeking to modify open-source components for a new application, developers will be able to gain major insight into the source code due to the intuitive search interface and valuable contextual information that Krugle provides."

Also in a statement, Ken Krugler, co-founder and chief technology officer of Krugle, said, "The Shared Source Initiative and CodePlex open-source repository are tremendous assets to developers.

"Adding these diverse libraries of Microsoft-hosted code to our index will enable a wide range of developers to leverage the full power of the CodePlex community as they use, reuse and learn from its code."

Krugles news of its relationship with Microsoft regarding CodePlex comes a week after Krugle announced a similar deal with Yahoo.

On Feb. 14, Krugle announced that it would be providing search functionality for the Yahoo Developer Network, the centralized resource for the developer community that offers open APIs and Web services that make it easy to extend and build on Yahoos products and services.

And Krugles deal with Yahoo means the Yahoo Developer Network can now take advantage of Krugles code search engine and interface to allow developers working with Yahoo APIs and data to find, save and share code written in six languages or platforms: ActionScript, JavaScript, .Net, PHP, Python and Ruby.

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