Labs at RSA: Day 3

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Labs at RSA: Day 3

Brabeion offers Compliance reporting--in this case, for HIPAA, COBIT and other regulations.

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Labs at RSA: Day 3 - Symark

Symark, an identity and access management vendor, is at RSA and focused on privileged system access control.

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Labs at RSA: Day 3 - VoIPshield Systems

VoIPshield provides security solutions for VoIP implementations.

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Labs at RSA: Day 3 - Endpoint Incidents

Vontu 7 now reports the file, machine and user identification for when protected data moves onto unauthorized endpoints.

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Labs at RSA: Day 3 - My Custom Dashboard

The Vontu dashboard view shows a network policy summary, removable media and endpoint incidents.

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Labs at RSA: Day 3 - SecureSphere dashboard

Unauthorized database queries and suspected tampering are tracked by Imperva.

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Labs at RSA: Day 3 - Access control

User groups are allowed and denied database access from a central management interface in Imperva.

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Labs at RSA: Day 3 - Line discovery

Centennial Discovery displays discovered PC assets.

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Labs at RSA: Day 3 - Group Policy Object Editor

Beyond Trusts Privilege Manager now helps Vista users by leveraging policy to grant least privileged access.

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Labs at RSA: Day 3 - Mazu Networks

Mazu takes communication from the network along with user identity to build a model of typical network behavior. A deviation from normal behavior results in an alert and remediation action.

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Labs at RSA: Day 3 - NeoAccel

NeoAccel is a remote access company that makes an SSL VPN. The company announced the availability of a NAC (network access control) feature.

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Labs at RSA: Day 3 - Lockdown Network

Lockdown network access control solutions control IP device and user access. The company is working to integrate the appliance-based product with other network infrastructure applications including helpdesk software.

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Labs at RSA: Day 3 - Hard Disk Data Terminator DT-2000

The DT-2000 punches two holes down through the internal platters of a hardisk. The device also warps the platters to the disks become unreadable.

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Labs at RSA: Day 3 - QualyGuard 5

Is a risk and compliance management product that builds on the Qualys' vulnerability assessment capability.

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Labs at RSA: Day 3 - ArcSight

ArcSight provides a 'mission control center' that takes the thousand or millions of event messages, normalizes the data and provides reports that allow IT managers to use the information to focus on problem areas.

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Labs at RSA: Day 3 - Attack summary-NitroSecurity

NitroSecuirty's NitroView is a real time network forensics tool that show attacks as they are happening so security managers can take action.

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