LABS GALLERY: 8x8 Virtual Office IP PBX Offers Range of Options

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LABS GALLERY: 8x8 Virtual Office IP PBX Offers Range of Options

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High-End Model

The most feature-rich of the phones offered by 8x8, the $349.99 6757i CT offers a full set of office telecom features and is extremely customizable.

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Roam If You Want to

The 6757i CT phone can be paired with a provided cordless handset, providing most of the functionality of a VOIP phone while letting the user roam around the office or workspace.

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Midrange Model

At the midrange of the 8x8 phones and the main workhorse office phone that is offered, the $199 6755i has all of the capabilities that one would expect from a corporate PBX-linked telephone.

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Basic Model

The most basic of the 8x8 phones, the $149 6753i is designed for standard phone office use—for example, as a shared lobby phone or in a guest office.

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Web Portal Interface

All management of a business' 8x8 Virtual Office system is done through a standard Web portal interface. During tests, the interface offered lots of options for managing numbers and IP PBX functionality, but it was not the most intuitive Web management interface I've seen.

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Traditional PBX Functionality

I used the Web interface to define all of the traditional office PBX functionality, such as the options provided by the office's auto attendent.

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Managed Phones

Each individual phone can be set up and continuously managed through the Web-based 8x8 Virtual Office interface.

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Phone Settings

Settings for individual phones, such as user passwords, can be configured directly from the phone itself or through a Web-based interface accessible through the phone's IP address.