LABS GALLERY: FaceTime USG 530 Brings Social Web Use Under Control

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LABS GALLERY: FaceTime USG 530 Brings Social Web Use Under Control

by Matt Sarrel

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FaceTime USG 530

The FaceTime USG 530 is a 1U unified security gateway that monitors, logs, and blocks Wb use, social networking and IM.

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FaceTime Dashboard

The USG dashboard is highly customizable. I could add reports and then drag and drop to change their appearance.

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FaceTime IM Proxy

The FaceTime USG 530 manages common IM platforms in great detail, allowing administrators to specify versions, ports and DNS restrictions.

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FaceTime Group

Adding users to groups and associating policy is the way everything ties together to control social network use.

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FaceTime Drilldown

After running my reports, I could drill down onto specific categories to see more detail quickly by double-clicking a row.

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FaceTime Report Wizard

The new custom report wizard impressed me with how easy FaceTime makes it to slice and dice any kind of network activity any way you want.

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Group Policy

The Web GUI has a very clean feel with a row of tabs. From the Policy Summary screen I could see settings for IM, Applications and Web all at once.

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Web Content

Assigning Web content filtering rules is easy and comprehensive. There are the typical content categories plus conflict resolution settings.

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