LABS GALLERY: TZO DNS Services Ease DNS Management

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LABS GALLERY: TZO DNS Services Ease DNS Management

by Matt Sarrel

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Management Console

The welcome page to the management console says it all. On the left, you can see your domains and how they are load balanced. One the right, you can see specific servers with their IP address and uptime information.

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Monitoring Tab

From the Monitoring tab, I was easily able to configure how I wanted to test my sites and tweak different response time settings. I could also configure e-mail notifications.

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Manage Tab

From the Manage tab, I could set which TZO enterprise services I wanted to use, how long to cache DNS entries (as well as each site) and various load-balancing metrics.

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Troubleshooting potential DNS issues is greatly assisted by a number of tools. Here, you can see the global results of DNS queries for my test domain

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Reports such as this one can provide an indication of DNS health and activity. It is interesting that this report shows queries for MX records because there are no legitimate e-mail addresses hosted on this domain.