Labs Trolls IP Expo

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Labs Trolls IP Expo

Actiontecs VoSKY Exchange acts as a Skype trunk for an existing PBX. Connected to the PBX by way of analog trunks, the exchange then connects to a PC via USB to finish the transport of the voice stream to the Skype network.

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Labs Trolls IP Expo - Microsoft\s Zig Serafin

At Microsofts keynote presentation, Zig Serafin (general manager, Unified Communications Group) expounds on Microsofts vision for unified communications over the next few years, including forthcoming improvements to Exchange Server and Communicat

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Labs Trolls IP Expo - Paragon Wireless\ Hipi-2200 SIP and Cell Phone

The sexy new dual-mode phone from Paragon Wireless features Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity, plus a Microsoft Mobile-based PDA.

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Labs Trolls IP Expo - Light Foot Traffic on the Show Floor

End-user foot traffic seemed light on the show floor, although we heard interest from resellers was high.

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Labs Trolls IP Expo - The Ojo Shadow

The Ojo Shadow video phone uses H.264 for the video stream, with compression as low as 100K bps. Ojo sells its own data service to go with it, but it has also partnered with many service providers worldwide.

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Labs Trolls IP Expo - Quintum\s Survivable Remote Office Solution

Installed at remote branch offices, the Quiutum Tenor AF acts as a SIP proxy back to the main telephony server, also offering local PSTN hop-off. When a remote office loses connectivity to the main office, the Tenor AF (which works with Avaya, 3Co

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Labs Trolls IP Expo - Just another Hummer?

Yet another car on a showroom floor.

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Labs Trolls IP Expo - Or A Mobile Command Center?

PacStars full mobile communication center, which weighs about 70 pounds per chassis, contains firewall, switch, print server and satellite uplink capability, as well as Sphere Communications IP PBX solution. It can even boot from a USB key in orde

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Labs Trolls IP Expo - Adtran\s NetVanta 7100 Router

Taking a cue from Cisco, Adtran offers PBX functionality in some of its routers. Trunks can be added through modular add-on cards.

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