Latest Tivoli Lets You Copy Homework to Automate the Data

The new version of Tivoli aggregates and publishes all the complex moves admins make in change management.

IBM announced a new version of its data center automation software Jan. 18 that takes the concept of change management to a new, software-as-a-service level.
Tivoli Provisioning Manager 5.1.1, designed specifically for large or small companies that have a catalog of products and services, aims to help users benefit from so-called "cloud computing" by aggregating tedious, repetitive work and making it available as a software service.
"We've taken the traditional provisioning processes and 'wrappered' them in a layer of technology that articulates technical work that you do to add and delete software from operating systems and servers and publishes it as services," Chris O'Conner, IBM vice president of Tivoli strategy and market management, told eWEEK.
"[Internal] clients can use these services, which ease the amount of work that administrators have to do, once they have developed a pattern of software they want to deploy," O'Conner said. "We can preserve those deployment patterns, and we can allow people to replicate a pattern without having to learn all the exacting steps having to do with it."
One of the new features in TPM 5.1.1, called Web Replay, works by enabling data center experts to capture their knowledge and make it available to others.
"With Web Replay, a user can 'record' the mouse clicks, data insertion and other processes involved in any complex task," O'Conner said. "Afterwards, any user with the appropriate access can run the recorded scenario."
An example would be the process it takes to upgrade or patch an operating system-such as Windows or Linux-across a large number of servers within an enterprise data center.

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