Lenovo RD210 Server Shoulders Burden in 1U Ranks

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Lenovo RD210 Server Shoulders Burden in 1U Ranks

by Cameron Sturdevant

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Intergrated Management Module

The IMM makes it easy to track server performance and even predict component failure so repairs can be made before productivity is impaired.

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Lenovo ThinkServer RD210

The ThinkServer RD210 is a rack-mount workhorse with a sufficient capacity and management tools to hold its own in the densely packed general-purpose server field.

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Processors and RAM

Looking from front to back with the cooling cowl removed, you see the fans, memory and processors in what is a pretty typical design for an Intel Xeon 5500 family-based processor.

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Front Panel Management

I wasn't immediately sure what the blue tab was for on this front panel module, or why it felt squishy when I powered on the RD210.

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Front Panel Revealed

On further reading of the start-up guide, I figured out how to pull out the front management panel, which is a handy display of subsystem health.

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Single Point of Management

Not that you can tell from the rather chaotic cabling from above, but the blue network cable at the center of the picture connects the IMM to my test network for easy remote access and management.

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UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) as seen in the Lenovo ThinkServer RD210.

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